Pizza Curse
Based in Chicago, Illinois

Founding date:
January 10, 2016


Press / Business Contact:

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Pizza Curse is an independent game studio dedicated to making silly things. Kevin Knight, Jordan Cuffie and Majdi Badri have too many ideas too often and rather than just let those ideas wilt away, they have decided to put them on screen.


Early history

Pizza Curse was founded in early 2016 by Kevin Knight, Jordan Cuffie and Majdi Badri. Kevin and Majdi had gone to DePaul University in Chicago together and were in the game dev program. Due to class schedules, the two never worked on a project together despite always wanting to. Post graduation Kevin interned and was quickly scooped up by Iron Galaxy. Majdi worked on Indie darling Octodad with Young Horses and then left to join mobile company Synapse Games where he met Jordan. Jordan graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago and works at Synapse as Lead Artist. Synapse Games moved locations in late 2014 and wound up coincidentally on the same block as Iron Galaxy. The three decided to make a game because such close proximity meant meeting up was easy.

Real Winners

Pitched as Calvin Ball-esque, Real Winners began development in 2016. A passion project, Real Winners takes shape over nights after work and on weekends. The game puts the players in the role of robot athletes playing soccer in a robotic arena. As the players play they are given cards that allow them to radically change the game. Pinball bumpers are added to the field, golf rules are implemented, and giant balls are just a few of the rule changes. Eventually the field and rules can change so much that the final form of the game looks nothing like where it started.




There are far more images available for Pizza Curse, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Majdi Badri
Designer, Writer, Producer

Jordan Cuffie
Artist, Designer

Lena Masek
Web Developer

Kevin Knight
Programmer, Designer

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